آموزش اصطلاحات انگلیسی Time

1.In time : not late

Ex : He always can’t finish his job in time.

2.Lose track of time : forget about time

Ex: Last night was so much fun,and i lost track of time.

3.On time : be at the arranged time

Ex : working here requires to be on time.

4.Save time : try no wasting time

Ex: I could save time if I use the subway to work.

5.Spend time : the time you put on something or someone

Ex: He engoys spending time playing online video games.

6.Take so long : when something makes you too much time to spend on.

Ex: Doing homework often takes so long that students feel tired.

7.The right time : at the proper or appropriate time

Ex : I could make it to the flight just at the right time.

Learn by text

When it comes to time,I’m always considering spending my time in a way that I can save time,but there are a lot of things that take so long,and wouldn’t let me be in time or sometimes even on time for that matter,for example the biggest waste of time in my life is the traffic.To be honest though,I myself sometimes lose the track of time,and as a result maybe I can not do things at the right time.

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