IELTS Speaking Fashion 1

IELTS oral exam

Part two

آزمون شفاهی آیلتس

بخش دوم

Exam paper :

Talk about fashion saying:

1.If you like following new trends in clothes.

2.An example of sth which was in fashion last year but it out of fashion at the moment.

3.What stules and colors are in at the moment

4.What clothes you and people at your age usually wear in your country.

Vocabulary you need

1.It was fashion for the men to have long hair.(The way of dressing,etc.that is most popular at any time)

2.He’s trendy photographer in Madrid. (Influenced by the most fashionable styles and ideas)

3.There was a sudden craze / fad for Batman T-shirts.( A short-lived fashion)

4.She’s always dressed in the very latest style. ( A particular way of dressing)

5.It was a popular style in Britain, but it never really caought on / in.( to become popular and fashionable = Came into fashion in america.)

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