IELTS Speaking خاطره 2

IELTS oral exam

Part two

آزمون شفاهی ایلتس

بخش دوم

Exam paper :

Talk about a good or bad memory of yours.

You should include :

1.Where and when it happened?

2.What happened?

3.Who were involved?

4.Why you remember it and cannot forget it.

Vocabulary you need

1.I have a good / trrible / bad memory for names.( Be good or bad at remembering things of a particular kind.)

2.Those old songs bring back memories.(to remind you of pleasent events)

3.Something he said jogged my memory.(to remind of somebody / something)

4.Speaking from memory,I’ve always been like this.(used to say that you are telling someone what you remember about something)

5.We first moved there in 1961,if my memory serves me correctly.(used when you are almost sure that you have remembered something correctly)

6.One of my earliset childhood memories is of my mother reading stories to me by the fire.(memories of the time when you were a child)

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