آموزش گرامر انگلیسی adverb clauses 1

Adverb clause

Adverb clauses are dependent clauses that answer the question how,when,where, or why in the same way that single adverbs do.they are introduced by subordinating conjunctions,which can be either single words or phrases.

Some subordinating conjunctions : after – although – as – as if – because – if – since

full list : after – although – as – as if – as long as – as many as – as much as – as soon as – as thought – because – because of the fact that – before – despite the fact that – due to the fact that – even if – eventhough – even when – however – if – if only – insmuch of – in case – in spite of the fact that – no mtter if – no mtter whether – on account to of the fact that – once – plus the fact that – provided (that ) – providing (that ) - since – so that – such ...... that – so ...... that – though – till – unless – until – when – whenever – whereas – whether (or not) – while

Example :

Mountain biking is called “extreme” because those who participate in them are pushing themselves to extreme levels. ( answers the question of why it is called extreme ).

NOTE : In future time sentences,will and be going to are used in the independent clause but not in the dependent clause.

Ex : if you want to become extreme,you’ll have to travel much faster.

Why using adverb clauses :

Speakers and writers use adverb clauses to combine thoughts and show connections between ideas.they also use them to vary their writing style . compare these two ways to convey an idea.

1.you can excel in it.you put your mind to it.

2.you can excel in it if you put your mind to it . (shows the connection between the two ideas)

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