IELTS Speaking جرم 2

IELTS oral exam

Part two

Subject : crime 2

آزمون شفاهی آیلتس

بخش دوم

موضوع : جرم 2

Exam paper :

Talk about common crimes in your country.

You should include in your answer:

1.What the most common crimes are?

2.Whether or not you think crime has increased in the last twenty-five years?

3.What the main reasons are?

4.What is the best way to fight crimes?

Vocabulary you need

1.They caught her trying to smuggle drugs into France.(to take things in or out of a country illegaly)

2.He was accused/convicted of bribery.(the act of giving money to somebody such as an official to persuade him / her to do something to help you to do something that is wrong)

3.He was charged with assault and battery.(the official name for a violent attack and the threats that the attacker makes before it.)

4.Having more policemen on the beat helps reduce crime.(on patrol)

5.Some criminals get off with a small fine.(get little or no official punishment)

6.In prison,young offenders find themselves among hardened criminals.(someone who has been involved in crime for a long time)

7.A first time offender is treated less severely than one who already has a criminal record.(an official record kept by the police of any crimes a person has committed)

8.The penalties must be severe enough to deter lawbreakers.(a punishment for breaking a law,rule, or legal agreement)

9.An unjust system imposes heavy penalties for minor offences.(force someone to accept a severe penalty)

10.The police are introducing new measures to deal with the growing problem of crime.(bringing an official action into effect that is intended to deal with a particular problem)

11.There has been a sharp increase in drug-related offences over the past year.(an illegal action or crime)

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