IELTS Speaking job1

در این سطح به سوالات بخش اول آزمون شفاهی آیلتس در ضمینه شغل میپردازیم.

در این قسمت سوالات مهم و پرتکرار را ارائه میکنیم و سپس به برخی جواب های مناسب اشاره میکنیم.

What you do

1.I’m a/an (+job) e.g. a nures / an accountant

2.I work in (+ place or general area ) e.g a hospital / an office marketing / social sevices

3.I work for (+ name / place of the company) e.g Union bank / IBM / Fiat

What does your job involves

4.I’m in charge of e.g a big company

5.I’m responsible for e.g some workers in that department

6.I have to deal with e.g any complains / overseas clients

7.I run e.g the company

8.I manage e.g a shop in downtown

Daily duties / routines

9.I have to go/attend e.g (to) a lot of meetings/ condferences

10. I visit/see/meet e.g patients / clients

11.It involves e.g writting letters / filling in forms / doing a lot of paperwork

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