IELTS Speaking منابع انرژی

IELTS oral exam

Part two

Subject : Source of Energy

آزمون شفاهی ایلتس

بخش دوم

موضوع : منابع انرژی

Exam paper :

Talk about the main sources of energy used in your country.

You should include in your answers:

1.What the main sources of energy are?

2.The use of nuclear energy in your country.

3.Some ways of saving energy

Vocabulary you need

1.In old days,coal was the main source of energy to run the factories.(black mineral which is dug from the earth or mines and burnt to produce heat)

2.Nuclear or atomic energy can produce enormouse amounts of energy.(the powerful force that is produced when the nucleus (centeral part) of an atom is split or joined to another atom)

3.Gas is a good energy source for heating and cooking.(a substance like air which is used as a source of energy)

4.Oil wells can be found only in a few countries.(deep holes that are dug in the ground to obtain oil)

5.Water from fast running rivers or hydroelectric power is another source of energy.(energy in the form of electricity obtained from the power of water)

6.We need to build large dams to control the water.(special wall built across a river,stream stop the water from flowing,especially in order to make a lake or produce electricity)

7.In the future,much of our energy may come from the solar energy.(the energy which is obtained from the power of the sun’s light and heat)

8.Solar collectors / panels can creat enough solar power.(big flat metal dishes used on the roofs to get the power of the sun)

9.We need to develop new alternative energy sources.(different types of energy which do not damage the enviroment as much as traditional types)

10.Nuclear energy can be controlled in nuclear power stations to creat electricity for millions of homes.

11.Even a slight wind can provide enough wind power / energy to run lights and most electrical machines in the home.

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