آموزش مهارت مکالمه Standing on your feet

Standing on your feet

Mr.Browns and Mrs.Browns are talking about their son

A: Guess what ,Tom has decided to find himself a summer job.

B: Oh ,really tell me about it.

A : He thinks , he could work as a delivery boy or a bus boy

B: Personally . I believe he’d better work in a restaurant .

A: How come ? what makes you say that ?

B : Well that way he’ll get a chance to socialize more.

A: But I’d rather let him decide for himself

B: Guess you’re right.he’s old enough for that now.

Practice :

1.tell the story by yourself

2.try to answer these question : what are frequent reasons for which one may get a summer job?

Some meaning explanation in the conversation

1.Personally : in person and usually private : face-to-face

2.Bus boy : a waiter

3.Socialize : to take part in social activities : associate – go out – step out

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