collocations diet and health 1

1.take an overdose: to take too much of a drug

EX : last summer my best friend took an overdose in a party

2.side effects:unwanted secondary effects of a drug

Ex : some drugs can have some serious side effects too.


Ex:Sometimes you’re on a diet but it is an adverse one and you won’t get any results

4.a streaming cold: a heavy cold

Ex : there are thousands of streaming colds and viruses in winter . shake off a cold :to get rid of a cold

Ex : Vitamin C can help you shake off a cold. in poor health : not be very well infectious disease: an disease caught from someone with that disease

Ex : a cold is an infectious disease you need to be carefull about your parents.

8.a rare illness: an illness that seldom occurs

Ex : their son passed away by a rare illness .

9.critically ill : extremely / dangerously ill

Ex : last month i couldn’t take any of my exams, i was critically ill .

10.fight for one's life : in danger of dying

Ex : he’s really strong. Having progressed cancer and fight for his life ,it’s very impressive to me.

Practical usage in speaking

Why a healthy diet is important in 2 minutes

In fact sometimes i get too much worried about being critically ill or having a rare illness that i forgot the enhancments of medical treatments in the 21th century.

One i read a paper in which i saw that number of infectious diseases are growing each day and more people are fighting for their lives , so it’s a kind of normal these day to be sensetive about what you eat .

Side effects , adverse eating habits are the one ticket to a hospital or even taking an overdose. To be honest you need to start thinking about what you put in your body.

If you are in a poor healthb you get a higher chance of say a streaming cold and to shake of it you’ll need a healthy diet.

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